30+ Ways to Honor our Military & Veterans

We believe our military should be honored and appreciated year-round, of course. But with Veterans Day upon us, what better time to share a short list to help you think of example traditions to honor our military. There are millions of small ways to show gratitude towards America’s service men and women, but here are some ideas you can use to thank our military and give back to those who have served our country and protected its freedoms:

  1. Say “thank you.”  It’s such a small, simple gesture that is completely disproportionate to the sacrifice they make for us, but it really is appreciated. A smile, a nod, a thumbs up all work too. >> And don’t forget to thank their family too!
  1. When you see a person in uniform or veteran eating at a restaurant, discretely tell the staff that you’d like to pick up the tab for them (don’t forget the tip).
  2. Display a green light on your front porch in support of the ‘Greenlight a Vet’ advocacy campaign, or display a yellow ribbon around a tree.
  3. Show your support of, spread awareness for, and/or donate to a veteran’s organization. >> Here’s just a short list: Catch A Lift, The Journey Home Project, Flags of Honor, Sentinels of Freedom, Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba, Veterans Airlift Command, America’s VetDogs, VFW, Disabled American Veterans, Cars For Troops, etc.
  1. Proudly display your American flag year-round.houses-flags2
  2. Visit local VA retirement homes – bring homemade sugar free cookies and/or a well-behaved pet (if allowed), and spend some quality time with our veterans.
  3. Volunteer at a local USO Chapter or VA Hospital, or volunteer for a home build with Operation Homefront or a service project through The Mission Continues.
  4. Attend parades and welcome home ceremonies, participate in Field of Honor ceremonies, place flowers/flags/or wreaths on graves of veterans.
  5. Help a homeless veteran, invite them to lunch or coffee, or just bring them water. Engage in conversation and see if there are other ways you can help.
  6. Lend an ear to a veteran or a military spouse, ask if they need anything, bring them a home cooked meal, offer to babysit or watch/walk their pets, take them to a movie or for coffee or the gym, or get involved with one of these military family support charities.
  7. Hug a military child, set up play dates with your children, or visit A Soldier’s Child Foundation for more ways to get involved.NAS-WWII memorial3
  8. Mow a veteran’s lawn (or shovel snow, rake leaves, trim bushes), go grocery shopping for or with them, drive them to doctor’s appointments, or invite them to visit a local war memorial.
  9. Invite a veteran to dinner or over for the holidays. You can also buy a veteran a military-themed gift or adopt a military family for the holidays.
  10. If you own a business, hire military, offer a military discount and/or specials on military holidays. Ask your favorite businesses to do the same. Also, add a sign in your window in support of veterans.
  11. Give recognition to a Veteran at your Work.
  12. Educate yourself about the lives of military personnel through books or documentaries. Or learn about the veterans in your own family.
  13. Teach your children the importance of Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day and other significant dates in military history.
  14. Donate your old wireless phone so that a care package will be sent to soldiers, or send your own care package through Operation Gratitude or send books to soldiers.
  15. Attend a presentation/speech being given by a veteran (VFW/Legion events or even retirement communities hold speaking events to honor their members who are veterans).
  16. Use social media to thank our veterans, keep a patriotic profile picture, post a YouTube video about why you’re thankful for our veterans, tell a story of your favorite veteran (Who? Where did they serve? What makes you proud of their service?).
  17. Get involved with organizations that promote socialization between the community and its veterans, such as Team Red, White & Blue or Operation Adopt A Hero.
  18. Grant a wounded warrior’s wish or help modify homes for disabled veterans that need ramps, handrails, etc.
  19. Donate your unused Frequent Flyer miles to a veteran. Or, when you see a soldier or veteran on a flight, offer them your window or aisle or upgraded seat.
  20. Help more veterans take the Honor Flight. Or, if you’re in an airport when Honor Flight members are boarding or arriving from a plane, stop and cheer for them.
  21. Take a moment of silence to remember those who gave their lives to protect our freedom and honor those who are presently serving.
  22. Wear R.E.D. on Fridays or red, white & blue any day!
  23. Help a service member connect with his/her family through videoconferencing facilities.
  24. Read a Veteran’s bio.
  25. Support veteran-based legislation.
  26. Send this list to a friend or share it with your social network to encourage others to thank our military veterans.
  27. Remember our veterans all year long- not just on Veterans Day!

Do you do something different or special? We’d love to hear about it – please let us know!


Welcome to Flags of Honor!

Flags of Honor is a nonprofit charity organization in Tennessee dedicated to honoring veterans by providing free American flags and flag poles. Our mission is to thank veterans, both past and present, for their service by providing them with the symbol of the freedom that they fought to protect, and let them know their service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

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