About Flags of Honor

America is a beacon of great hope for the world and our Flag represents all that is just and wonderful in it. We believe it is our duty as Americans to outwardly display support for our country and our military and represent a united front. At Flags of Honor, we commit to honoring America’s veterans by presenting them with the symbol of the nation and the freedoms for which they fought, while also promoting patriotism within the community.

FLAGS FOR VETERANS: Currently operating in Tennessee, we strive to find, partner with and honor veterans as a way of showing our respect and appreciation for their service. At no cost to them, veterans receive a complete outdoor flag installation at their homes. We also have other dedications to honor their service if a pole install is not a viable option. In addition, we hold an Honor Ceremony upon raising or delivering the flag, toasting ‘To The Red of It.2the red of it

Flags of Honor formed in Nashville, TN in the fall of 2014 by a small group of post-9/11 military friends with a common purpose to give back to veterans both past and present and to let them know their service and sacrifices will never be forgotten.